Kartepe Beşevlerde railway nightmare

Railway nightmare in Kartepe Beşevler: 12 approved in Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Council 1 / 5000, which was suspended for a month as of February, caused serious anxiety in the Beşevler region of the Ertuğrulgazi quarter of Kartepe district.
Due to the renewed Nazım Development Plan, many houses will be expropriated in Aydın, Fidanlık, Bilgi and Yıldız Streets in Beşevler region due to the railway lines that will provide logistics services to industrial enterprises in the region. Even the destruction of Beşevler Mosque is on the agenda.
Kartepe Ertuğrulgazi Quarter Beşevler residents react to the zoning plan change, which allows the construction of the railway network in the region. The new zoning plan will change life in the 1500 household, where around 300 inhabitants live.

The people of the region, who have been afraid to expropriate their homes for years, object to the zoning plan with hundreds of signed petitions. Ertugrul Gazi District Headman Yucel Turak, will go to Ankara in the coming days, the Ministry of Transport will try to explain the people's reaction to the railway route.
The establishment of a logistics center in Kartepe region and the connection of the region with railway lines were decided years ago. The railway lines to be established in the region are being established for the realization of all kinds of transportation by railroads such as Posco, Yıldız Sunta, Yıldız MDF and Baysan Trafo. The railway lines will destroy a large number of people from their homes and destroy the fertile agricultural lands in the region.
The railway network that will be established to provide logistic services to industrial enterprises in the region will cause the destruction of Beşevler Mosque.

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