Kartalkayada ski season is closing

Kartalkayada ski season is closing: Bolu's ski resort Kartalkaya ends the season at the weekend.
The season ends with the decrease in the number of customers in Kartalkaya, where the amount of profit has decreased considerably. The 2 hotels in the ski center closed the season last weekend. The other 3 hotels are preparing to close the season next weekend. The few ski lovers in the hotels spend the last few days by skiing at night. Vacationers staying at Kartal Hotel went skiing with torches with their ski instructors. Vacationers experienced the excitement of night skiing in order to make good use of the last days of the season. One of the hotels closing the season, Grand Kartal Chairman of the Board, Halit Ergül said, “Another hotel in the ski center has closed the season with us. Currently, the number of customers has dropped significantly. Other hotels will also close the weekend season, ”he said.


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