Best Timing for İzmit Tram Project

Best Timing for İzmit Tram Project: I have concerns. I think the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's Izmit Tramway Project, which is unnecessary in the coming spring and summer, causes Izmit to be shabby and become uninhabitable.
Things are not going well in the Metropolitan. They think it's perfect, but it doesn't. Some of the authorities I trust a lot in the metropolitan city have really disappointed me. Things don't end. Contractors are working very slowly and Metropolitan cannot intervene. Do not look at the work of the tram, what is written, what is said. I think it goes very slowly and it will hang.
The difficult side of the tramway business will start when it comes to the city center of Izmit. Sahabettin Bilgisu Street will be excavated throughout. The hotel will be closed for months around Asia, the Fish Market. This head, if you go at this pace, this city will be very troublesome. In that area 6-7 has the demolition work of the big building. All these works will leave Izmit in dust.
But the other day, I made a very happy and a little hopeful development. Metropolitan administration, the tramway business in the city center of Izmit, which is the most disturbing part of the city in the region between the "Eid al-Fitr Feast" has decided to do in the period.
This is a very accurate schedule. Ramadan Feast, 8 ends in July. Feast of Sacrifice 10 starts in September. Even if schools go on holiday in June, people will not go on vacation immediately, Izmit will not empty. Because there is the month of Ramadan. Izmit, after Ramadan, Ramadan Holiday holiday will begin to empty with the break. For this reason, it is very accurate to start the tram-section of the city center at the exit of the Ramadan Feast. In September, while the Sacrifice Festival will come, schools will be prepared to reopen. Along with the Feast of Sacrifice, the city will become very mobile again. In the meantime, if we can handle the work of the tramway in the city center between two feasts, Izmit will be stripped of this work with the least discomfort. Even if the calendar is so determined, I care about showing that someone is thinking about this city in the Metropolitan. But is this work between the two feast ends? .. As promised, this tram business is completed until February? We will be able to answer these questions if we reach the feast of Sacrifice in the coming September.
Due to the tramway road, the expropriated buildings in Bar Street Street will be demolished. Expropriation costs have even been paid. Still, buradan Don't let the tramway pass by. There is no point in the discussion yok. But what about people in the business district?
You cannot go to another place with a licensed residence permit. Dozens of workplaces, hundreds of people working in these workplaces, thousands of people enjoying this area, having fun in this region and listening.
The metropolitan municipality does not have the luxury to say ım I have done it Büyük. The buildings on Bars Street must be expropriated and demolished due to the tramway, and people who have a drinking area license must be given a new location. There are many convenient places in the immediate vicinity of the city. A project is prepared and a new Bar Street area can be established for Izmit. If it's started now, it'il be over until the end of this year. Otherwise, with the destruction of the buildings in this area both will be very unpleasant and will be very difficult for Izmit.

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