İZBAN puts an end to the explosion claim

IZBAN put an end to the explosion claim: IZBAN, social media spread over the station that denied the explosion. İZBAN issued a statement on the official accounts, trains such an explosion is not in question, the images circulating on social media is the photos of the 2015 electric failure photos were specified.
Social media spread over the shares of the explosion in İZBAN denied the institution. İZBAN, social media, some of the shares are made, the share of these shares in the 2015 year is expressed as the electrical failure, the citizens stressed that the worry.
The explanation from İZBAN is as follows: In February 2015, some people who want to draw attention and create an agenda in our electric train are re-published by social media on the agenda as a new incident irresponsibly by brazzers. We would like to inform you which of our passengers do not have an event. hangi

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