Istanbul's Hidden Vessels exhibition opened

Istanbul's Hidden Ships exhibition opened: Inspired by the shipwrecks found in the Marmaray excavations, the exhibition titled “The Hidden Ships of Istanbul” met with art lovers.
Making a statement about the exhibition in the foyer area of ​​Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall, Necati Badem said, “This exhibition is about archeology. There are 23 pieces here. There is a 50 by 100 (centimeter) study describing one port. In addition, there are 11 large ships between 47 and 50 centimeters and small ships between 37 and 47 centimeters ”.
Stating that the Theodosius Harbor was unearthed during the Marmaray excavations in 2001, Badem said:
“Sunken ships from the 5th and 11th centuries have been found. There are about 37 of these ships now and we have the world's largest collection of sunken ships. I took 12 and 18 shipwrecks as an example. Because the others did not reach the present day very well. The exhibition lasted about 2 and a half years. I built 22 sunken ships. I have done over 120 color experiments, over a thousand broken and intact ceramics. No piece is the same. Each one was processed one by one. "
Expressing that he started his career as a painting teacher, Necati Badem said, “I have been dealing with ceramics for 5-6 years. I am interested in many art branches. Ceramic also includes all branches. Because there is color, background, sculpture and a thought. There is a project in it. These were the factors that directed me towards ceramics. That is why I will continue my future art life with ceramics ”.



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