It will be possible to get water from the vending machine with Istanbul Card

It will be possible to buy water from the vending machine with Istanbul Kart: Hamidiye, which sells pet bottles of water at the metro, tram and metrobus stations, is now planning to operate its water vending machines with Istanbul Kart.
Turkey to supply water to the fore in the industry with innovative projects Hamidiye Water, Istanbul is planning to introduce a new service. In 2008, Turkey and Europe for the first time 'Water Automat' who introduced the project and Istanbul to calm public transport began to PET bottled water sold in the station company, he is planning to run the water vending Istanbul Card holders in 2016. Hamidiye Spring Waters is also working to offer this service to Marmaray passengers.
Total 40 of the company's export market in Turkey drinking water largest exporter of Hamidiye is doing alone the xnumx's per cent of exports. As of 20, 2015 is exporting water to 6 continents worldwide. Hamidiye also 45 years, the most important brand in the international arena, Turkey Turkish Airlines flights are being served at all.
Hamidiye Spring Waters, which includes water resources with a history of 114 years, has become one of the companies with the widest product range by offering its water quality to its customers in different packages. On behalf of clients to ensure water security, in addition to the quality assurance system, Halal Food Certification Hamidiye area apartment also launching the first store in Turkey disinfection services, providing citizens with healthy water conditions are known. The company delivers its products to 185 points in Istanbul and 28 points in 45 provinces outside Istanbul.
International NSF Certificate
Hamidiye Spring Waters has the feature of being the first water company to have the 'NSF Certificate' issued by the international top authority in determining the health, hygiene and cleaning standards of Water, Food, Environment and Consumer products.

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