Great interest in Haserek Ski Center

Intense interest in Haserek Ski Center: Haserek Ski Center, located on the Bingöl-Elazig highway, is flooded by ski lovers on weekends.

Bingöl City center 34 is located at the summit of Hasme Mountain near Dikme Village and has a runway length of Bin 600 meters.

Knowing the opportunity for a weekend break, many ski enthusiasts arriving at Haserek Ski Center are skiing, while others are skiing with a snow sleigh with their children.

Providing information about Haserek Ski Facilities, which was recently opened in Bingöl, Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Erdal Arıkan gave the following information about the ski center: “We have opened our Haserek Ski Facilities. Our hotel building with a capacity of 70 beds. We have 1600 tracks with a length of 4 meters. We have opened our ski facility as of January 2016. "

Arıkan said, “Our biggest goal regarding our ski facilities, which has an important ski season of 4-5 months, is to train highly skilled athletes who will represent our city, our country, nationally and internationally. In addition, to attract the attention of our people to these ski facilities and to enable them to benefit. The distance to the city center is 34 kilometers, and transportation is easily provided. Those who want to come from outside the city can reach the facility in a short time. We bring these ski facilities to our city. kazanThank you to everyone who attended and contributed. I wish our ski facility to be beneficial for our province, region and country.” said.

Will be the center of winter tourism

Bingöl Mayor Yücel Barakazi stated that Haserek Ski Facility has been put into service recently and said, “According to our professional skiers Şargeli ski resort, Haserek Ski Resort has the best ski slope in the region. I believe in the future of Turkey to ski here from neighboring provinces, including many not necessarily make a good presentation of our case this ski resort. Our facility has a few shortcomings and can be used as a recreation area in the summer if these are eliminated and enriched. The natural beauty of this place is famous. We used to come here and have a picnic in our childhood. So it can be evaluated not only for winter but also in summer. We believe that especially winter tourism will head towards here in a short time and it will become a center of winter tourism ”.

"A wonderful facility has been built in Bingöl for winter sports"

"A wonderful facility has been built in Bingöl for winter sports." Bingöl Promotion Association President M. Galip Akengin said, “This beautiful facility should be well promoted. Bingöl needed such a facility. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the construction of this huge facility. Last month, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu opened our ski facility. It was good for promotion, we thank him. This ski is not only for our plant Bingöl, Turkey come across anyone can ski here. We especially recommend people from Bingöl, who are outside of Bingöl, to come here and ski. " he spoke.

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