Renaissance Construction of Gotthard Tunnel

Renaissance Construction signature to Gotthard Tunnel: 16 billion Euro investment was made for the tunnel that will connect Switzerland and Italy with the underground. The 3 500 test drive has 57 kilometers and Rönesans Construction has the signature.
Rönesans Holding is expanding its field of activity with acquisitions in Europe. Renaissance Hergiswill and 124 annually acquired the German Heitkamp. Renaissance acquired the 139 of Ballast Nedam NV, the Netherlands's annual construction company 99. The turnover target of the Renaissance in this region, which has made giant acquisitions in Europe so far, is 1 billion Euros.
Since its establishment in Turkey as well as 1993 Renaissance Group also continued to grow up in Europe, it has set target to get among the largest in the world.
Rönesans Holding, which continues its advance in Europe by incorporating Hergiswill company and German Heitkamp company of Austrian Alipe Bau GMBH company, completes the construction of Gotthard Base which will be the longest tunnel in the world. Rönesans, which buys 99 of Dutch construction company Ballast Nedam NV, is stepping forward with its organic and inorganic growth.
Renaissance Construction Group under the roof of Renaissance Holding Cenk Düzyol Member of the Board of Directors, Rönesans Construction continues to grow rapidly on a global scale, he said. Düzyol stated that the rapid increase in the list of X The World's Largest 250 International Contractors eahhit list of the international construction sector magazine Engineering News Record (ENR), which is among the most prestigious works in this field, is the most concrete evidence of success. Un The last 250 in the list of the world's largest 3 contracting company per year we were able to rise to about 50 digits. 2012 81'den 2013'den 63'den, 2014'da 53'da took the second place, '' he said. The company's 37'de 10'de the third row reminded Düzyol, "This year, the world ranking in the XNUMX'incie, we're in Europe, the XNUMX third company," he said.
This successful chart obtained three continents of the Renaissance, Renaissance Construction in Turkey, Russia, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Libya, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Gabon, Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, Mozambique, Germany, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Sweden and Sweden 22 26 office and 37 thousand employees with a large role in the execution of the giant projects that express the great role, said:
"Our upcoming company's quarter century, Turkey is successfully represented abroad. Rönesans Construction's signature in the biggest projects of European cities is not only a source of pride for us, but also for our country. We continue to sign projects that change the dynamics of the sector on a global scale from construction to real estate, from industry to energy and health. Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, the total number of jobs in Europe over 5 thousand after taking off in Austria and the Dutch company Ballast Nedam over 7 thousand workers are employed in our project in Finland.
Renaissance Holding today Turkey as well as Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States, including the Middle East and North Africa continues to operate in a wide geography. Rönesans Construction which is located under the roof of the Holding has a project on 500, which has been successfully completed and maintained so far. The 2014 2,993 turnover has been realized as 2,567 million dollars.
The turnover target for the region is 1 billion Euros. In the 2013 year, Rönesans acquired the 30 of ALPINE Bau GmbH, the Swiss subsidiary of ALPINE Group, which has completed construction projects in more than 100 countries.
In 2014, 124 was able to integrate 100 in Heitkamp Ingenieur und Kraftwersbau GmbH, which has been implementing projects such as bridges and infrastructures for power systems and industrial facilities with its expertise in engineering and construction.
These companies in Austria, Germany and Switzerland were merged under the umbrella of it Heitkamp Construction GmbH Avusturya.
With all these acquisitions, one of the first concrete achievements of Renaissance Construction at the roof of Renaissance, which aims to expand its field of activity in Europe, will be 'Gothhard Base Tunnel.
Once completed, the Gotthard Base in the Swiss Alps will be integrated into Europe's growing high-speed rail network.
The tunnel that connects Zurich, Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Basel, Gotthard and Lugano with each other will be the longest tunnel in the world with its 57 mile length.
The planned tunnel to be completed with a total investment of 16 billion euros, reducing the distance between Zurich and Milan by 1 hours, will reduce the total 2 hour to 40 hours.
The 250 can reach 200 at speeds of up to 4 per hour. The tunnel has a daily 65 passenger train and 250 freight train capacity.
The figures behind the curtain of the construction of the tunnel that goes down to 2100 meters are also impressive. The total construction period 40 has worked in 110 people per day for the tunnel exceeding a time period. The employment created by the whole project exceeds a thousand thousand. Let's add that 4 bin document and 4 thousand page paper works are produced during the construction period.
For maximum safety, very frequent and long-term test runs are still underway in the tunnel, while the 3 500 test drive is underlined. A total of 5 thousand test drives will be carried out; this figure is also equivalent to 3 times around the world.
Ön The world's longest tunnel is a combination of Gotthard Base, Renaissance Construction, and other companies' strengths and knowledge, güç said Johannes Dotter, CEO of Heitkamp, ​​who spoke about this important achievement.
The Gotthard Base Tunnel, made by the TTG Consortium (Transtec Gotthard) and the TAT Consortium (Tunnel Alp Transit-Ticino) together with the AFTTG (ARGE Fahrbahn Transtec Gotthard) sub-joint venture, consists of two single-line tubes with an 57 kilometer. The total length of the tunnel system, including all of the crossovers, access tunnels and shafts, is greater than 152 kilometers. The Gotthard Base Tunnel also features the deepest railway tunnel in the world.
Johannes Dotter mentioned that the tunnel will increase the total transportation capacity by connecting Zurich to Milan and Lugano and emphasizes that ot This tunnel will shorten the passenger travel time and reduce the negative effects on the environment T. Thus, with the tunnel, Switzerland will be one of the largest environmental protection projects in Europe.
TAT Consortium completed the excavation works of the tunnel in September at 2013. The TTG Consortium is responsible for the railway technology in the Gotthard Base Tunnel ın The consortium provides the construction of the concrete block line, the power supply, cable systems, telecommunication and security systems. The 2016 test is planned to be completed until trains run through the world's tallest tunnel at up to 275 per hour.
The renaissance is not limited to purchasing attacks. 139, which has achieved significant successes in housing construction and mobilization in many European countries, especially in Renaissance and Netherlands countries which has been adding new products to its countries every day, has purchased 99 of BallastNedam NV with its past.
Düzyol emphasized that this merger reflects the long-term growth perspective of both companies and will bring the advantage of international growth towards more lucrative jobs. N We believe that Ballast Nedam NV's knowledge and expertise in design, engineering and management for integrated infrastructure projects will contribute greatly to our company . This giant company of the Netherlands will be a complementary element in our international portfolio. Hollanda The turnover target of Ballast Nedam NV for 2016 is over 760 million Euros.
Stating that Rönesans Construction's vision of being one of the leading companies of the sector is continuing, as well as numerical targets, Düzyol said, layan We will continue to produce strong projects in international markets with the experience, engineering know-how and know-how of the companies we buy. Our goal is to become one of the world's largest 10 contracting firm. Ama

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