Görükleye metro gospel

Görükleye metro gospel: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, Görükle residents gave the gospel of the metro.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality was opened in Görükle by Anafartalar Street. Speaking at the opening of President Altepe, Kestel to the university from the metro line until now extended to the center of Görükle, said the studies on this issue is fast. Altepe, dönem Bursa's accessibility started in this period. Our planes, helicopters, sea buses are working. Rail systems are being built. Bursa offers a separate vision in transportation. From the Metro Görükle to Kestel, 31 carries passengers for kilometers. Hopefully in the coming days we will implement the same project from the university to the Görükle center. We will implement it as soon as possible, '' he said.

Dumlupınar District Headman Reşat Aktaş, who took the floor during the opening ceremony, thanked President Altepe for his investments in Görükle. Aktaş noted that the district started to receive noticeable services in this period and added, edil The infrastructure works are completely over. BUSKİ service building was also established. Anafartalar Boulevard was put into service. It was also in the tender stage regarding Atatürk Boulevard. I would like to thank to President Altepe and his team for all the investments made, Yap he said.

2.5 thousand 6 tons of hot asphalt, 280 bin 3 tons plentmiks, 685 thousand tons lower basement filling work was performed on Anafartalar Street which has approximately 4 kilometers length. Within the scope of curb and pavement works, 7 thousand 200 meter border and 10 thousand square meter trotuar-parquet were laid.


  1. Is there any connection to an airport to be projected in the west from Görükle. Bursa 's desired places to live in the world rankings as well as in Turkey, you sat in the first row.