Glasgow Metro Decides for Train Acquisition and Signalization

Glasgow Metro Decides for Train Purchase and Signaling: A new agreement has been signed between the Scottish city of Glasgow metro operator SPT and the consortium of Stadler Bussnang and Ansaldo STS. According to the agreement signed for 200 million pounds, Stadler Bussnang and Ansaldo STS will produce 17 driverless metro vehicles and undertake the signaling operations of the line.
Gordon Maclennan, general manager of SPT, said that the agreement has a crucial role for modernization of the Glasgow subway. Circular line with 10,4 km in length with 1220 mm rail clearance. Companies will also change the signaling equipment, control systems and control center of the line as an automated system. Under the project, which will be contributed by the Scottish government, the metro trains will be launched in 2020.

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