When will Gebze Haydarpaşa Commuter Line Open

Gebze dikHaydarpasa commuter line will be opened when: Gebze-Haydarpasa commuter train line closed in 2013 for renewal in the meantime, despite all this time, not expressing the opening of the Saadet Party Gebze District President Gebati Korkmaz, "Gebze was put on the dolmuş," he said.

Saadet Party Gebze District Necati Korkmaz, Çayırova District President Yusuf Aksu, Darıca District President Selim Çetinkaya and Dilovası District President Mustafa Türel decided to meet each month in a district to address the main problems of the region. The first meetings were held by Gebze District Chairman Necati Korkmaz. District heads discussed the last situation of the Gebze Geb Haydarpaşa commuter train line, which was a common problem of the four counties.


2013'de expedition stopped, line renewal operation, said to open in 2014, Gebze açıkHaydarpasa train line 2015'la remaining officials, officials 2016, despite the fact that we will be opened in the year remains unclear. Gebze-sit in Gebze-Haydarpaşa train line used by citizens working in various districts of Istanbul to go to work, the people of the region has increased the dependence on the dolmuş. The fact that the citizens living in Gebze, Çayırova, Darıca and Dilovası is at the transit point is becoming unbearable for the citizens in short-term travels with Istanbul. Our people in the region go to work in the morning, returning from work in the evening, there are two kinds of problems: the first one is the congestion experienced in the dolmuş, the second is a traffic that can not be solved.

Pendik, Kartal, Maltepe and those traveling by suburban trains KadıköyTraffic was not the least problem when going to. Unfortunately, the uncertainty caused by the closure of the suburban line has caused the time spent in traffic to increase. As a result, it is known that the suburban train line provides serious relief in alleviating the transportation problem. This line should not only be connected with Istanbul, but also the Izmit and Adapazarı routes should be combined and the connection of the region should be strengthened in this way. The region will benefit the most from this project. We understand that the opening has been postponed twice and there are some insurmountable problems in the execution of the project.

It is to ensure that the project falls to the power authorities as soon as possible; However, this project is outside of the interest of political parties and regional MPs with its opposition to power. However, such projects followed the politicians of the region, but they did not conclude. I think this project came out of the interest of our deputies. The ruling party has been loosening to conclude this project, and the opposition parties in the parliament have failed to show the necessary actions to implement this project as soon as possible. We are demanding Saadet Party on behalf of our people to finish this project as soon as possible, to facilitate the daily life of the people of the region, who go to work by driving forty-fifty kilometers a day to take bread to their home. Giden

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