It was decided to take corrective action in Gaziray Project Tender

TCDD Gaziray Project Decided to take corrective action
Reconstruction of Başpınar - Gaziantep -Mustafa Yavuz Stations under the scope of the "Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) Action Plan" of the General Directorate of State Railways Enterprise, Infrastructure and Superstructure (Gaziray) Construction Tender, Aga Energy - Özka Upon the objection of İnşaat - Mezre Turizm joint venture (Board Decision dated 2014 and numbered 94814 / MK-24.02.2016), it was decided to carry out corrective action in the tender.
As it is known, in the past days, upon the objection of Şenbay Mining - Gürşah Hafriyat joint venture (Public Procurement Board's decision dated 03.02.2016, Meeting N0: 2016/10 Day No: 26 Decision No: 2016 / MK-39 numbered decision) He was given. Corrective actions will be expected at this stage.
The deadline for submission of the tender, which was postponed from the 11 February 2016 day to the 11 March 2016 day, was last 14 April 2016 day.



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