French Alstom sees its eye on YHT tender

French Alstom has set its eye on the YHT tender: after the Canadian and Spanish companies, French Alstom has announced that it will participate in the YHT tender.
French Alstom's Turkey General Manager Arban Çitak, the company will join the 80 high-speed train tenders scheduled for the middle of this year and said that 100 million euros investment foreseen for the plant to produce the trains requested in the tender. Canadian Bombardier and Spanish Talgo also announced that they would participate in the tender.
Çitak, who gave information to Reuters, stated that they will definitely participate in the tender and said, “We have been preparing for this tender for 1.5 years. We have chosen a domestic partner, but we have not announced it yet. We foresee an investment of 100 million euro for the establishment of the production facility. ”
central and local governments in Turkey within the scope of the expansion of the high-speed rail transport network, as different as the development of urban rail public transport network and are conducting projects with high financial value.
Within the scope of the expansion of the high-speed train network, the Ministry of Transport foresees the acquisition and co-production of the 106 faster train set in total.
Canadian Bombardier and Spanish Talgo announce partners
Foreign companies are required to participate in the tender for the purchase and production of high-speed trains with a local partner. Canadian Bombardier Tender Bozankaya and Talgo had announced that he would join the tender with Tümosan.
Things 80 train set auction of one of the largest railway auctions will be held in the world this year stated that Çitak also said that he would be expelled out of the vehicles will be produced in Turkey will establish plants if they get tender.
Çitak stated that they will achieve a locality rate of more than 53 percent in the high-speed train tender and stated that the delivery of the trains to be produced within six years and the total duration of the contract including maintenance is 10 years.



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