First aid training was given to MOTAŞ drivers

First aid training was given to MOTAŞ drivers: MOTAŞ gave a seminar on 'First Aid' to the personnel within the scope of educational activities carried out at regular intervals.

The seminar was held in Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Conference Hall in two shifts. Dr. Aydin Keles' seminar, the first action to be done in the health of the vehicle or during the vehicle movement may need to be explained. Information on how to do first aid with vital importance was accompanied by a slide.

Kutsal Human life is sacred to us “
Evaluating the subject, General Manager of MOTAŞ, Anwar Sadat Tamgacı, underlined the importance of human health and explained that they approached the customers with the conscience of trust.
Uz We watch the events that are happening to public transport drivers in different news channels every day. It is vital that drivers who have had a heart attack, who have a seizure attack, who witnessed the situation of the passengers injured and attacked, can intervene in such events. As a minor intervention can save lives, we know that unconsciously interventions also put out many lives. We train all our personnel for conscious interventions. Within the scope of trainings that we started with the awareness that the lives of our customers are entrusted to us, we regularly train all our personnel in the field of shifts under the supervision of specialist trainers and doctors. For us human life is sacred, health is important.

In order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, we organized training seminars on fire training, public relations, customer relations, traffic trainings, etc. in our previous trainings. In this sense, our trainings will continue as long as we do this work. With trained and equipped personnel, it is easier and realistic to achieve customer satisfaction. Eğitim

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