Metro to Eyüp is Arriving at 2017 Tram Project is on the Road

Metro to Eyüp Comes in 2017 Tram Project On The Road: Mayor of Eyüp Remzi Aydın announced that the projects that will bring the historical and touristic texture of the district to the forefront are being accelerated. Aydin, Eyup Sultan Mosque will be restored, Rami Barracks will be made library and museum announced
The Mayor of Eyüp, Remzi Aydın, stated that they have accelerated the projects that will mobilize the tourism potential in the district that stands out with its historical texture and spirituality. Aydın said, ece We will rearrange the center of Eyüp from the feshane to Piyer Loti. The Eyüp Sultan Mosque will be restored. Rami Barracks will be moved to wholesalers, instead of libraries and museums. Metro, tram and sea transportation will be very easy to get to Eyup. Metro
Aydin Metropolitan Municipality and universities along with the district of Fesli'i Piyer Loti to reorganize the 'Historic Area Management' project stating that they will start Aydın, said:
Iz With this project we will try to capture the texture of the major tourism cities. We will highlight historical artifacts in the region covered by the project. We'il expose our historic potential. Because this is a protected area, we will do it in a conservative manner. The appearance of non-historical buildings will be corrected. The infrastructure will be reorganized. Parking lots will be underground. Measures will be taken to increase the product and service quality of the tradesmen. The project has been prepared, we will be implemented in the next period. Field management will have its own rules and principles. Nobody's gonna hang a sign by his head. He won't be able to park his car wherever he wants. As
Restoration of Eyup Sultan
Eyup Sultan Mosque, the symbol of Eyup, in spite of the strengthening and renewal work done in the last time recording a need for a new restoration, Aydin said the mosque will begin the restoration process.
Stating that they will make a new culture, art and sports complex in place of Eyüp stadium, Aydın said ın The new facility will be a structure with 25 functions spor. Aydın said, çok There are many religious visits to Eyüp especially on Friday. One foot of field management is more regular human traffic. More beautiful arrangements will come in the coming days. Eyüp is the place where Mimar Sinan has the most works except the city walls. We are preparing an Mimar Sinan Route for this. Bunu
Stating that they are trying to solve transportation problems, Aydın said gelip People want to come here and breathe this air and live the street texture. People get here comfortably and leave it comfortably. For this, we have to overcome the traffic and parking problems. We'll eliminate the irregularity in the middle, Ort he said.
Rami Barracks is a museum
Explaining that the Rami Barracks will be evacuated and food wholesalers will be moved to the new site in İkitelli, Aydın said, ın After Ramadan, we will start construction and restoration at Rami Barracks. Turkey will be the largest library and museum. It will be restored according to the original texture. There will be cultural and artistic activities. The parking lot will also be underground, Otopark he said.
Before landscaping after license
Aydın said that Eyüp was a protected area of ​​historical sites, that they did not touch historic buildings, and that these buildings could be restored to their historical characteristics after the necessary permits were obtained. Aydin, üyor in the slums in the district have solved the problems of the land, we also solve the problems of zoning. Urban transformation is a must, earthquake risk exists. We are preparing a project in order to have the facade design suitable for the social fabric of the neighborhood in the transformed areas. We also brought landscaping obligation to the constructions that exceed the size of a certain plot, will make his garden and will get his license after him. Ayrıca
Tombstones will be translated
Stating that the Eyüp cemeteries are an asset in their own right, Aydın said, arlık Together with the Metropolitan Municipality, we will clean the landscape of the cemeteries. We translate the inscriptions on tombstones. We will print them as catalogs. We will include historical figures in the Eyüp cemeteries in this catalog. Those who wonder will receive and read. Mer
3 million people will cross the Golden Horn
Metropolitan Municipality will extend the existing ropeway line that gives information Aydın, Lot Piyer Loti'den Miniatürk, and then there will be a new line to Vialand. The line length will go up to a total of 3.5 kilometers. 3 million passengers per year capacity will be a line, Yıl he said.
Ottoman boats are preparing for expedition
Noting that the Metropolitan Municipality was preparing to launch the boats called Kancabaş in the Golden Horn, Aydın said, hizmet These boats in the style of Ottoman boats will be used both for transportation and for sightseeing. The piers were made. His latest technical work continues. On the other hand, we are talking with the City Lines. Boat trips from Üsküdar and other piers will also be increased to the Golden Horn. Hal
Metro 2017 is coming on the tram project on its way
Noting that the Bağcılar-Beşiktaş metro will be opened in 2017, Aydın said, met Also, when the tram lines of Bayrampaşa-Eyüp and Eminönü-Alibeyköy coast lines are activated, Eyüp will be very comfortable in terms of transportation. In this respect, 2-4 will make a serious leap forward in the year, Bu he said.

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