Tempo Travel in Erzurum

Tempo Travel in Erzurum Erzurum is one of the major tourist cities of the world and Turkey, it continues to attract the attention of domestic and foreign several media organizations. In recent years due to the temperature of the important ski resorts in the country closed the season, ski lovers enjoy skiing until April, Erzurum, continues to be the subject of news and articles.

Erzurum, this time in Tempo Travel Magazine in front of his readers appeared in German.
Erdal İpekeşen had previously published a page in Turkish, English and Russian, and then one page in the other ski centers. Erzurum, 10 pages with ski resorts, winter tourism, cuisine, historical and cultural values.

The 2012 of the world's best 41 ski resort in the 18 of the New York Times in XNUMX with the yıl East Capital of Tourism Erzurum Pal title, supported by beautiful visuals. attention is shown in the order. The news also includes information on Erzurum's shopping stops, the wealth of souvenirs, as well as detailed information about ski resorts.

Turkey, one of the most prestigious magazines and publications acclaimed quality of Tempo Travel Magazine readers with the Governor Altıparmak said it is very important for the city of Erzurum due to the interest in this beautiful work Erdal thanked the İpekşen.

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