Erciyeste Ski Season Continues

Erciyeste Ski Season Continues: With the investments of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, the ski season continues in Erciyes, which has become one of the leading winter tourism centers in the world.

Although the lack of snow enough in the year 2016 and hot air are due to go skiing in the many ski resorts across Europe and in Turkey season continues finished the season at Erciyes Ski Center. Erciyes AŞ Gen. Md. Asst. Yücel İkiler, esas 24 We are operating artificial snowing systems on the basis of 14 hour by means of the cold air wave coming from March. In the coming days if the temperature continues in the negative values ​​of artificial snowing systems by running the non-stop skiing and ski slopes will increase the skiing season. "He said.

Also Twos, although they say goodbye to the season, many ski resorts in Europe and in Turkey thanks to Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality's investment in Erciyes Ski Center, said the skiers using artificial snow systems to able to offer a seamless ski season.


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