Appeal filed to TCDD for Elmadağ - Kırıkkale Railway Project tender result

TC State Railways, Elmadağ - Kırıkkale Railway Project YSE Yapı objected to TCDD for the result of the tender.

Section I between Kayaş - Kırıkkale (Elmadag - Kırıkkale) (excluding V2013-V185988-V826.776.846-V7 Viaducts) with the number 9/10 of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways and with an approximate cost of 15 TL (Km 45 ~ 74 + 100 ) YSE Yapı made an objection to TCDD for the result of the infrastructure construction tender.

TCDD officials stated that they responded to the company's objection. At this stage, it is expected whether the company will go to the GCC or not. With its offer of 574.405.800 TL, the joint venture of Willow Insaat - Yuksel Insaat won the tender.



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