Edirne's 100 annual tram dream

Edirne 100 annual tram dream: expected to make a high-speed train, occasional rail system proposed in the city of Edirne, 1899 in the period of the Governor of the period Arif Pasha by the Governor of Zindanalti and the Black Sea to connect a tram line is made to demand, but it turned out to be out of life. Speaking on the issue in the Ottoman archives in the letter that comes out of the history of History Researcher in Edirneli Cengiz Cloud, the protocol line between the House of Protocol and Karaağaç said that there was an additional train line.
In the Ottoman period, 1 or 2 tram lines were found to be in Edirne. In a letter from Turkish to Turkish, the deputy governor of the period, Arif Pasha, told that the train station in Karaağaç was far from the city center and wanted to build a tram line between Zindanaltı and Karaağaç Train Station.
In the letter of 28 November 1899 dated and dated by Zeki Özkan and signed by the Minister of Trade and Public Affairs Vehbi Bey, the following lines are included;
Ir Ma'ruz-ı kâker-i kemineleridir; In Edirne, with the mahaledn bed called Zindanaltı, the Deputy Governor of Edirne and the second Army of the Humadiyun Müşiri State Arif Pasha were informed about the demand for a tramway facility concession. Along with the documents of the contract and specification, which were prepared from Nazata, 25 was presented with the thesis numbered muk Hp 1315 muk dated and hundred and sixty. Mezkür tram car, which works for the operation of the Thessaloniki and İzmir trams in electricity at the Şerâit apartment. ı have been rendered to be merged with the vizrir once evacuated with the document of the order.
Cengiz Bulut, Edirne's History Researcher who stated that the project in question could not be realized after the demand of the tram line and that the historical process was transferred. . People who want to make the first tram in Edirne and who first applied to Bab-i Ali, the Sultan, are going to the deputy governor of Edirne, Arif Pasha. This is his writing for the tram to make the Sultan. He is the deputy governor of Edirne for a long time. For example, he does this initiative for himself. So he wants to be allocated by the Sultan. He says I should do this. That's very important in that way. If this were to happen, it would be a good thing for our Edirne. This tram line had 1 or 2 because in Turkey at that time. It would have been very nice to be in Edirne at that time, unfortunately, could not be implemented, Edir he said.
Noting that there are several reasons why the project could not be realized, Bulut said; Hat Unfortunately, this line does not happen because of the rebellions in the Balkans at that time. But then there was no solution, so we found a solution. They have drawn a train line from the protocol house of the current municipality to Karaagac Train Station. From there the line continued to Bosnaköy side. This is the reason for the line between the protocol house and Karaağaç; Edirne is a trade center in that period. Valuable goods and their money were coming from that period. And there are many robberies on this route. This line was made to prevent this ”.

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