Today in History: 23 March 1861 Ottoman Railway from Izmir to Aydın ...

Today in History
23 March 1861 A new contract was signed with the Ottoman Railway company from İzmir to Aydın.
23 March 1920 Ankara-Eskişehir-Ulukışla and Eskişehir-Bilecik lines 20. He went through the corps.
23 1924 449 65 million was allocated to the construction of Samsun-Sivas and Ankara-Musaköy line by the law numbered XNUMX.
23 March 1935 Afyon-Karakuyu was connected to each other. Atatürk at the opening; “The absence of this line, the country's defense suffered a lot. He said it is possible or not to have a hundred thousand oxen do the work that such a short line will do in the defense of the country.
23 March 1971 TCDD's capital was increased from 2,5 billion to 8 billion.



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