China Company Takes Train Wagon Tender in USA

Chinese Company Receives Train Wagon Tender in the USA: The world's largest train manufacturer China Railway Vehicles Company (CRRC), 1,3 billion dollar train car tender in the USA kazanwas.

According to the news of the People's Daily, the official organ of the Communist Party of China (CCP), the CRRC's tender for a train car worth $1,3 billion for the US city of Chicago. kazanit was stated.

It was stated that CRRC will produce 846 7000 series train wagons to the USA within the scope of the relevant tender, while it was announced that 400 wagons will be ordered in the first place and the rest will be supplied in the following years.

CRRC in the USA kazanWhile it was the second biggest tender for the city of Boston in 2014, it also won the 567 million dollar subway train tender for the city of Boston. kazanhad been.

On the other hand, the two giant train companies of the country, CSR and CNR, merged last year and named the China Railway Vehicles Company.

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