CHP Adana Deputy Tümer, Take the Rail System Burden of Adanalılar

CHP Adana Deputy Tümer, Take the Rail System Burden of Adana People: Republican People's Party (CHP) Adana Deputy Zülfikar İnönü Tümer emphasized that parallel to the development of capitalism, the traffic load in cities increased, time and economic loss increased, and many ecological areas were also damaged.
Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) General Assembly, Transportation, Maritime and Communication Ministry 2016 year central government budget law bill in the CHP group meeting, speaking on behalf of all, our cities, accessibility, applicability, providing sustainability; cultural heritage, ecosystem, environmental sensitivity, which is not possible to come across the transportation master plans.
Speaking at Adanalılar's problems with the Light Rail System, Tümer said the ministry should save Adana from its debt burden.
Tümer, who is not based on environmental protection and development, ignores the urban values ​​and does not take the human to the focal point, stated that he could not be sustainable.
Bir The current transport dynamics of our cities necessitates a renewal. However, the subject of renewal and transformation has become the equivalent of a 'rant-axis' approach, not as a result of an integrated planning. Moreover, only the arrangements made on a spatial scale; it is far from common mind, aesthetics, livability and sustainability. Unplanned urbanization, investments that enable individual transport to come forward, and postponing deep-rooted solutions, our cities as well as our country have been doomed to a cost-effective, insecure, environment-friendly transport system. Urban transport planning and policies should focus on people, not tools; investments should facilitate the accessibility of people instead of opening the roads blocked by vehicle traffic. Transportation investments should not be considered as singular and should be considered with a holistic approach. For this reason, investments such as crossroads and road expansions that bring point solutions for a period of time but cause problems should be avoided. Neden
As in the ya Rail Public Transportation System lı in Adana, Tümer said that in the decision-making process and the implementation phase of important and big projects related to the future of the city should not be made wrong mistakes. system. In all the developed cities of the world, the city is building a city like a network. In other words, one of the first criteria in the development of a city is the metro. The prevalence and prevalence of Paris, Moscow's subway systems in London are proof of why these cities are considered to be developed. Adana light rail system process started with project and financing problem, continued with the wrong route, it could not be reached to the places where students and staff live intensively and the campus of Çukurova University and it has evolved to another club with serious problems in business administration. In the Tenth Development Program, which covers the 2014-2018 years, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications has provided the opportunity to ensure that the appropriate rail system projects of the municipalities are also provided. The load of the Adana light rail system should be taken over the forensics. The second stage of construction can not be started for a moment before the work should be started. Akıncılar-Çukurova University and Sarıçam'da new stadium covering the second stage of the rail system route should be implemented as soon as possible ova said.
Turkey's three sides in the maritime sector could become the driving force of the economy Although location surrounded by sea and sea transport stated that all the major problems experienced, continued his speech with these words:
"Turkey's ship exports declined in the year 2015 19 percent compared to the previous year. On the other hand; In our country, which is suitable for both passenger and freight transportation, problems such as port shortages, irregularities and problems of integration of the sector prevent us from reaching the desired point in ship transportation. Attacks on our shores, which are our natural resources, are under attack. Ministry; In order to prevent coastal plunder, all he has to do is follow his own 'Master Plan of Transportation Coastal Structures' and comply with the 'Tourism Coastal Structures Master Plan Study Final Report' published in 2010. application problems of electromagnetic fields generated by base stations using radio frequencies in Turkey should be resolved. The effect of base stations on the chemistry of the cells is highly risky for human health. In this context; Electric Field Limit values, scientific data, international practices should be re-determined for the permanent habitats by taking into consideration the United Nations Precautionary Principle. The cells of the devices to be installed should be minimized and the device powers must be reduced. For the cells of existing devices, the time should be reduced by giving time. Operators have to use a common station. Finally, in the light of the principles of development of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, our Great Leader, who pointed out the level of 'contemporary civilizations'; I wish that the 2016 budget of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications will be used by the people for the people. Ulaştırma

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