Will Channel Istanbul's Route Change Arnavutköy's Fate?

Does the Route of Canal Istanbul change the fate of Arnavutköy: Arnavutköy Mayor A. Haşim Baltacı said that changing the route of Kanal Istanbul, which is planned to pass through Arnavutköy, will not adversely affect the district. Baltacı, Almost all of the third airport is within the boundaries of our district. There are two major metro lines and high-speed trains. The Northern Marmara Highway passes through Arnavutköy. If the channel comes, it will be much better, it will be extra, "he said.
Arnavutköy Mayor A. Haşim Baltacı, who has been away from the press since 2004 when he took office, broke his silence to Gazetem İstanbul. Stating that the uncertainty experienced in the real estate sector in Arnavutköy is unnecessary due to the news that the route of Kanal Istanbul will change, "Even if Kanal Istanbul did not come, Arnavutköy took the biggest investments it would take".
No clear talk
Stating that they do not have information about whether Kanal Istanbul's route will change or not, Baltacı said, “Our minister has a statement, we have nothing to say about it. Our minister did not say 'the route has changed'; "The location is not clear," he said. Arnavutköy route is one of these routes. Moreover, there was never a clear explanation about the route of Kanal Istanbul. Only the strongest of the alternative routes was passed through Arnavutköy. However, it is another thing for those who trade it to launch it like this. However, neither our government nor authorized people nor we have said that this is the channel route. However, the old route still in the Arnavutköy district is still up-to-date but our Minister will certainly make the statement on this issue. ”
It's not true
Baltacı gave the following answer to the question: "If the route changes, the fate of Arnavutköy will change?" “Why should it change? Arnavutköy has already received the biggest investments it has ever received. The first is the third airport. Almost all of them are within the boundaries of our district. Depending on the airport, two important metro lines arrive in Arnavutköy. There is also a high-speed train coming to the airport, and Levent metro will be connected to our district. Again, the Northern Marmara Highway passes through Arnavutköy. If the channel comes, it will be much better, it will be extra. But even if the channel does not come, these investments give Arnavutköy significant momentum. Besides, what we call a channel is a macro scale project. It will not affect 100 meters to the right and to the left; will affect positively even miles away. For this reason, it is not right for the citizen to consider it as a very important opportunity. ”

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