Rail installation works in Otogar-Sekapark tram line continue

Rail installation works are going on at Otogar-Sekapark tram line.
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which is being constructed by Otogar and Sekapark, works on the installation of rails in Yahya Kaptan Hanlı Street. Akçaray tram line construction starting from Yahya Kaptan Mahallesi; Deployment of infrastructure was completed in 80 days. Following the completion of the infrastructure, the excavation of the tram line was started. Along the line excavation starting from Hanlı Street, the ground improvement was made along the route, and the production of grobeton and rail assembly was started.
1 of the project. 1.8 Interval Bus Station-K2 Interchange (Yahya Kaptan); Yellow Mimoza Street and Necip Fazil street work on the excavation of the line continues. The rails on the tram line used on the corrugated rail, the 7 had arrived from Poland in December. 1200 ton rail, ready to be stored at the warehouse site, was laid on Hanlı Street. After the rail assembly is started at Yahya Kaptan Hanlı Street, rail laying works will be done at Salkım Söğüt, Sarı Mimoza and Necip Fazıl streets.
Yellow Mimoza Street 725 meter rainwater, 400 meter wastewater, thousand 230 meter drinking water line was installed. One thousand 80 meters drinking water, 410 meter wastewater and one thousand 200 meters rainwater were produced in Necip Fazıl Street. 600 meter line excavation was carried out on Hanlı Street and Salkım Söğüt Street. PE 400 natural gas displacement and Telekom displacements in Yellow Mimoza Street. All rainwater, sewage, drinking water, telecom, fiber and natural gas infrastructures serving to the region were renewed and their infrastructure capacities were increased to serve the next 125 year.

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