Bursa speed train project was again dreamed

Bursa speed train project was still imagine: 1970-1978 years between the year of the bulunuyorduk..xnumx abroad to Turkey (Bursa 'or) return of about 1977-7 months ago then d.hakimiyet we started writing columns from abroad in the newspaper ..
The subject of our writings was our municipality, urbanism and environment.
The first article we sent to the newspaper from abroad was entitled imiz Train to Bursa imiz.
In this article, we tried to explain the connection of our city to our country's railway network, to protect the environment in our city's hinterland, to accelerate the socio-economic development of our city, to use the land and to direct the physical development of our city and our region.
The year has passed 37 years, our city is still connected to the national railway network of our country.
During this period, we have also expressed our views on politics, media, local government and civil society.
Bursa Surely our dream 1970 railway in the early years, Turkey's first and examples Organized Industrial Zone began in the years following the establishment ..
Over the years, the 40 has been kept on the ground by the dynamics of the city.
However, despite the promises made by the statements made by various political authorities, the railway dream of our city has not been realized.
The project, which was completed and completed as a regular train in previous periods, has been changed as a high-speed train in the last few years.
If it could be separated from the budget for railroads every year, it could have been possible to complete 190 km-long and approximately 800 million-dollar Bandırma-Bursa-Ayazma-Osmaneli railway investment in a few years.
Finally, as a result of the studies carried out in the last two years, the implementation projects of the high-speed train have been completed and the idea of ​​carrying out the project in stages has gained weight as we have said many times.
The project was planned to cost 870 million pounds and the lowest bid for the Bursa-Bilecik stage in the Bursa-Yenişehir region of 75 was in the partnership of YSE Yapı-Tepe Construction.
In recent days, the groundbreaking ceremony was held for a long time, Bursa and Bursa citizens of dreaming the dreams of a significant step was taken in the fast train.
Bursa public game, especially after the first phase of the construction is expected to be completed as soon as the Governor of Bursa Munir Karaloglu recently made a press conference in the press conference where the half-century for the half-century with the dream of the citizens of Bursa were shocked.
Sayn Governor stated that the high-speed train route will change again and therefore a new project will be made.
This means that we will wait many years for such an important project to be realized by the Bursa people in the economic, social, cultural and other subjects of our city.
Moreover, the feasibility project and even the construction costs to date would be wasted.
Our city will continue to lose much more than it has lost to date with the project of the high speed train project and the postponement of the construction once again.
Of course, for a long time in this matter, the public and the politicians who made statements and expressions to the public in Bursa will lose their reliability considerably.
In short, train speed train in our city seems to continue for many more years ası

Source: Ziya Güney -I www.bursadabugun.co

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