Demolition Begins at Bar Street

Demolition Begins at Bar Street: Notices were made to the tradesmen of the Bar Street which was to be demolished due to the tram project. 30 March and 15 have to leave the buildings where trades

Metropolitan Municipality Real Estate and Expropriation Department Directorate of Expropriation Branch last year, the decision of expropriation of the bar owners had passed the expropriation decisions. The municipality has started the construction of the tram for one year and started the construction works. Within the scope of the tram project, many workplaces in the area called Bar Street will be demolished. This issue was constantly debated in the first months of the project. The municipality took the step that will affect the tradesman the day before.


Located in the center of Izmit in the neighborhood of bars in the neighborhood of Asia Moody Bar, Barcelona Terrace Bar, Baron Bar, Crash Bar, the owners of places such as 'empty buildings' sent a notice. It was learned that the notification was sent to the 70 enterprise, which is located in the region. While businesses such as Crash Bar should be cleared up to 30 March, some businesses were granted up to April 15 until April. Demolition work will begin after the buildings are emptied in the area where hotels, bars, restaurants and kiosks are predominant. Among the buildings to be demolished in the region, the plaza of Türk Telekom is also included.


In the buildings to be demolished west of Şahabettin Bilgisu Street, 12 alcoholic space serves. Speaking about the buildings to be demolished, Kocaeli Entertainment Centers and Investors Association (KEYDER) President Yusuf Ziya Tom, the municipality officials said that the promises. Tom said, belir A while ago, we examined the streets with the municipal authorities and identified the buildings that could be alcoholic places. We photographed them and put them in the report. We wanted to be licensed to the tradesmen in those buildings. They accepted. But today they almost forgot their words, they broke. Notices were made. Buildings are requested to be emptied, B he said.

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