Transportation to Ankara Mamak Bus Station will be provided by cable car or monorail

Ankara Mamak Bus Terminal will be transported by ropeway or monorail: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will provide transportation to the new city hospitals and Mamak Bus Station. If the monoraya does not aspire to the monoraya with the Build-Operate-Transfer system, the cable car will be built in these regions.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek and municipal bureaucrats discussed transportation systems of the city. The Metropolitan Municipality is planning to implement a monarchy-style transport system to the city hospitals in Etlik and Bilkent with the new bus terminal in Mamak. Monorail, planned to be centered on movement from Sıhhiye, will be implemented with Build-Operate-Transfer model.

As the second alternative to the monorail, which is the first transportation priority of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, will be the cable car lines to these regions. Furthermore, it was decided to extend the cable car line between Kızılay and Dikmen to Ankara's prestige project Kanal Ankara. This line will be extended to Öveçler with the fork to be built in Dikmen to the cable car line going to Ankara.

The meeting was also discussed in the Kardeş Bridge, which is similar to Fatih Bridge, which will hit the lance on Keçiören traffic. Kardeş Köprü, whose plan and project is ready, was decided to start next month. The bridge will be reduced by the 50 rate of the Fatih Bridge.

The monorail is one of the city rail transportation types. As the name implies, the wagons move in the direction of departure or arrival, ie on a monorail or hanging under a rail. The rail system used in public transportation is carried out with two beams placed on a column and the rails on these two beams and the arrival and arrival are performed simultaneously. The first idea of ​​monorail is 19. It dates back to the end of the century. But these drawings on paper are 20. It was developed in the middle of the century and has been developed every period.

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