Alstom unveils all rail system solutions

Alstom, all rail pulled solution showcased: Alstom, 60 years or more times has been a reliable partner of the Turkish railway sector, "said Alstom Turkey General Manager Arban Çitak, the words" the railway transport
With the government aiming to invest more than 40 billion €, we look forward to continuing our cooperation and contribution in the development of the country's transportation network including fast and regional trains, subways and signaling. X
In addition, Çitak continued as follows: ak Alstom; it has a strong tradition of carrying its global expertise to localization, employment creation and enriching the local supply chain. For this reason, Istanbul is not only the Middle East and Africa region center for Alstom, but also as a regional center for signaling and system projects. Over the past two years, 200 has been able to provide jobs and establish partnerships with many local suppliers. We want to further strengthen our commitment to the development of the Turkish railway sector and economy by participating in future railway projects Biz.
Among the solutions offered by Alstom in his stand were: Axonis; an integrated driverless subway system that can be quickly installed and commissioned in cities seeking low-cost public transport systems. Coradini to; regional trains with high adaptability, offering numerous options for engines (electric, diesel and hybrid), number of wagons (between 1 and 6) and internal equipment. Pendolino; high speed train that can operate on both conventional and high speed lines.

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