Aviation and Rail Systems Supported

Aviation and Rail Systems Supported: Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) meeting organized by the Bursa-Eskisehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA) by the support given.
ESO Vice President Sinan Musubeyli, Eskişehir Aviation Cluster President Assoc. Dr. M. Faruk Akşit, Eskişehir Rail Systems Cluster President Kenan Işık, BEBKA Experts and industrialists attended. Referring to the importance of these supports, ESO Vice President Sinan Musubeyli said, “This year, BEBKA will support the aviation, rail systems and defense industry, which are also important sectors in Eskişehir. We hope that these supports will be positive for improving the production infrastructures and capabilities of the enterprises and increasing the competitiveness of high value added sectors. " said.
President of Eskişehir Aviation Group Assoc. Dr. M. Faruk Aksit emphasized the development of computer software in aviation and defense industry by giving information about cluster activities in his evaluation.
Kenan Işık, the Head of the Eskişehir Rail Systems Cluster, said in his speech at the meeting that joint project production would contribute both to the proper use of national resources and to the development of cooperation.



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