Adana Metro problem has been moved to parliament

The problem of Adana Metro was moved to parliament: the Adana Metro, which became a burden to the city due to its debts, was moved to parliament.
Adana Metro, which has become a burden due to its debts, was also brought to the agenda during the 2016 Central Government budget draft negotiations of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Expressing the problems of the Adana people arising from the light rail system, Adana MP Zülfikar İnönü Tümer said that the Ministry should save Adana from the debt burden.
Stating that the work should be started as soon as possible for the second stage of the subway, the construction of which could not be started, Tumer said, “The second stage rail system route including Akıncılar-Çukurova University and the new stadium in Saricam should be implemented as soon as possible.
Pointing out that irreversible mistakes were made during the decision making and implementation stages of the rail mass transportation system in Adana, Tümer said, “In fact, one of the most important and functional vehicles of public transportation is the metro or light rail system. In all the developed cities of the world, the metro weaves the city like a network. In other words, one of the first criteria for the development of a city is the metro. The oldness and widespreadness of Paris's, London's Moscow's metro systems is proof of why these cities are considered advanced. Adana light rail system process started with the project and financing problem, continued with the wrong route, could not be reached to the regions where students and staff live intensely and to the campus of Çukurova University, and it has evolved into another lane with serious problems in business administration. ” used expressions.
Emphasizing that municipalities can also undertake the appropriate rail system projects in the Tenth Development Program, covering the years 2014-2018, Tümer said, “The load of the Adana light rail system should be taken from the Adana people. Work should be started as soon as possible for the second stage, the construction of which cannot be started. The second stage rail system route, which includes Akıncılar-Çukurova University and the new stadium in Saricam, should be implemented as soon as possible. ” he spoke.

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