Sincan Kayaş Commuter line tender will be held this month

Sincan Kayaş Suburban line tender will be held this month: A 90-decare giant square for the district kazanSincan Mayor Tuna, who gave the good news that they will
A giant city square will be built in Sincan, which has undergone a major transformation in recent years. The square, which will be exactly the size of 10 football fields, will give the district a different atmosphere. kazanExpressing that he will continue, Sincan Mayor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna stated that the center sports hall and district stadium for the square will be demolished and built in another place. Explaining that they have been fighting for the land for 3 years, Tuna stated that the square will not have any commercial area.
Xinjiang suburban tender this month
Stating that the extension of the Sincan -Kayaş Suburban line to Yenikent will bring vitality to the region, Tuna also evaluated the judicial process for the Başkentray Project. Noting that the stations will be renewed with the resumption of the project, Tuna said, “They are holding the tender for the extension of the suburban train to Yenikent. Başkentray Project was also a court. A project related to the renewal of Sincan-Kayaş suburban lines and stations. It's been about 4 years. Tenders were held but appeals were made, went to the JCC and came back from there. Lastly, the court's decision was to the company that TCDD gave in the first place. The nation lost four years. The tender will be this month, ”he said.

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