Invitation from Meram Youth Assembly to Read Books Anywhere

Invitation from Meram Youth Council to Read Books Everywhere: Members of Konya's central Meram District Municipality Youth Council invited passengers to read books on the trams they boarded collectively to raise awareness.
Speaking to the importance of reading books, Mehmet Yolcu stated that they had carried out such an activity and that the nice reactions they received from the citizens were satisfied.
Meram Youth Council, which continues its activities within the Municipality of Meram, has added a new one to its extraordinary and different projects. The members of the council, who wanted to create awareness because of the decreasing number of people who read books in the community, drew attention to the topic of reading books by getting on the trams collectively. On the tram, 'Meram Youth Council invites you to read books' with young people who started to read the books they brought with them, encountered the beautiful reactions of the citizens with surprise. When the Meram Youth Council volunteers arrived at the last station, they presented their books to the passengers.
After the event, Meram Youth Assembly President Mehmet Yolcu stated that they have signed a project in order to draw attention to the importance of reading books. Eye As Meram Youth Council, we have realized a new project with our volunteers with the slogan of Başkan Book Everywhere Mec. With this project, which was held in Konya for the first time, we invited our residents of Konyalı by reading our books collectively. We will continue to realize different projects. Meram Youth Council will continue to work as a council of differences. We thank the Mayor of Meram, Fatma Toru, who supported us on every issue, olan he said.

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