Skiing for Children in Samsun Children's Houses

Ski Training for Children in Samsun Children's Houses: Samsun Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate The children who were staying in the Children's Houses of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies were given ski training in Kayseri Erciyes Ski Center.

Akif Çağatay Kılıç, Minister of Youth and Sports, stated that the main purpose of increasing the quality and variety of services offered to children and young people is to increase the quality and diversity of the services.

8 - 17 age group 20 children who were in Children's Houses of Ministry of Family and Social Policies of Samsun Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports took them to Kayseri Erciyes Ski Center. In the 2016 year activities, the 19 ski trainers under the supervision of 4 May Mountain Climbing Club members have learned the first 2 day shift, snow plow postures and turns, slalom and simple turns, basic parallel shear and parallel shear technique. On the 3 day and on the 4 day, all children managed to ski on their own. 2 stage of mountain ski training, 2016 December December will be held in Ilgaz Mountain Kastamonu.

Youth and Sports Minister Aquifer Chagatay Sword, in terms of having a young population among the world countries by stating that takes place in Turkey at the forefront "of our children, armed with the needs of our young people the information society active in the country's development, life skills, powerful, self-confident, possess the human and national values We want them to be entrepreneurial participants. As a necessity of a healthy and active life in the sports field, we have determined the main purpose of sports culture in the society, increasing the quality and diversity of sports services and spreading the sports to wide masses and raising successful athletes. Within this framework, our Ministry of Youth and Sports has been carrying out significant works since its establishment Bu. Cagatay Kilic Minister, continued as follows;

Ur Our children, young people are the future of our country, the guarantee of our future and our greatest hope. Today's major piece of work done by tomorrow they will move through Turkey into the future. We do not refrain from sacrifice to raise our children who we believe wholeheartedly with the values ​​of our state and our nation. Everything is for them. We want them to have a good education, they should do sports for healthy life, they should sign for sporting successes. İst