Siemens is looking for partners in Turkey for high-speed trains

Siemens is looking for high-partner in Turkey for high-speed trains: Siemens' transportation unit part of the country director Cuneyt Young, the company's Ministry of Transport 80 that it expects to make in the middle of this year's High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) sets the reception said it was willing to bid in the tender.
Answering Reuters' questions, Cüneyt Genç said, “We are willing to bid, we evaluate.” Finding a partner from Turkey for companies that want to participate in the procurement and production facilities they have to be established in Turkey. "Our evaluations for finding local partners are ongoing," said Genç.
TCDD bought seven sets of high speed trains from Siemens in 2013. This high-speed train entering the market with the purchase Siemens Turkey, while delivering a vehicle, predicts Delivery of the remaining six this year.
Stating that you have to establish a production facility of the company that received the tender, but Siemens has set up a tram factory in Gebze independently, Genç said, “We have established this factory not as a prerequisite for any tender, but on our own initiative.
Siemens is aiming to start production at the end of 30 by the tram factory that it started to build last year with the investment of 2017 million euros.
The Ministry of Transport uses the high speed train sets that it has received so far on the Istanbul-Ankara and Ankara-Konya lines. With the expansion of the high-speed train network, it is expected that the 106 train train will be bought in the program and the 80 unit will be awarded in the middle of the year. Transport Minister Binali Yildirim stated that the value of the auction could be 5-6 billion dollars.
So far, three companies have announced that they will participate in the tender.
Canadian Bombardier, with Spanish Patentes Talgo Tümosan Bozankaya and France's Alstom has not yet announced its domestic partner.
Turkey co-production that puts the YHT auctions and also seeks to establish a domestic industry capable of producing certain amount of technology, provided that use of the material.
Turkey is among the few countries in the world representing such targets young, "likely to make it extremely high in Turkey. He needs to get an investment to carry his knowledge to the country. ”
Pointing out that there are few countries and companies that can provide the necessary technological knowledge, the young said, “It is necessary to develop the infrastructure and dialogue that will enable these, that is, technology manufacturers and developers to come to the country.”
According to the government program, private transportation and logistics companies will be able to start transportation on public railway lines with their own locomotives and wagons in the middle of this year, with the liberalization targeted to start until 21 June.
Industry officials stated that they occur outside of a locomotive market in Turkey, together with the liberalization of public transport.
Stating that there are broad-band estimates about how fast private transportation will develop and what scale the private vehicles' rail vehicle market will be, Genç said, “The numbers of locomotives are pronounced in the next 5-10 years in a broad band from 300-500 units. Even the lower level of this range is an important market on a global scale. ”

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