President Türel will catch up to the Rail System EXPO 2016

President Turel, EXPO 2016 will Growing Rail System: the scope of Turkey for the first time will be hosted EXPO 2016 in Antalya, completed 18-kilometer rail system will be launched on April 22.
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel, ongoing ongoing Antalyaspor facilities, municipal machinery supply building, Meltem, Kiziltoprak, Suleyman Demirel rainwater channels, East Garage Necropolis area and municipal service buildings to reporters, gave information.
Türel made a statement on the facilities, Antalyaspor facilities in the harmony of the color of the treatment pool, the finest details are considered, stating that before the players to the site a psychological facility to prepare them, he said.
Türel, who also examined the rainwater drainage work carried out in Meltem Neighborhood,
“We turned Antalya into a construction site with superstructure and infrastructure investments. We are working on a 7-kilometer line in Meltem. A line at a depth in which two vehicles can travel very easily. Considering our first and current period work, a 207 kilometer study was carried out in terms of rainwater drainage. We will bring the 7-kilometer line around 26 million liras, and the total work of 40 kilometers to Antalya with a budget of 110 million lira. " he spoke.
Türel also touched on the work in the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality service building, which is under construction at the Mevlana Junction, and explained that the service building is one of the biggest needs of Antalya.
Emphasizing that the service building will serve in 42 thousand square meters area, Türel continued,
“The branch offices serving in the barracks were a matter of embarrassment. We are considering moving in the summer. One of the greatest features of our service building will be the assembly hall. We were inspired by the Turkish Grand National Assembly in the construction of the assembly hall. The new assembly hall will be 2-storey and will serve councilors with 135 seats. We have 103 members of parliament, but in the future the population will increase and the number of councilors will also increase. Considering this, many seats were made. A separate place was prepared in the hall among 40 bureaucrats. We will present all the possibilities of technology in our assembly. There are frequent discussions with members of parliament about voting, and these will come to an end. Voting will be done by pressing finger as in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. In any way, nobody will be able to vote on someone else's behalf. The cameras inside will be directed from an outside room. ”
Türel also examined the Necropolis area and the historical market place, which she planned to build in the Dogu Garage instead of the old festival market.
Stating that he was as happy as “finding oil” when the historical cemetery appeared in this area, Türel said, “We had a historical market project for the traditional bazaar culture and it was abandoned to its fate. We will be carrying the festival tradesmen who moved from here before, back here. However, not everyone has the opportunity to buy one-to-one field. The market area will end in 720 days. The necropolis area will reach the end of this year. " he spoke.
Türel also mentioned whether the ongoing rail system will catch up to EXPO 2016 and stated that the work continues rapidly.
Not to have a problem in the system to catch the attention of Türel, said:
“They work day and night. We break our own record, the fastest rail system project. 18 kilometers of the rail system will be built in 8 months and brought to Antalya. We had made 11 kilometers in 1,5 years and we will break our record in the past period. The rail system will reach April 22. There is a problem with the delivery of the scissors. We will come on April 5-6 and start assembling them immediately. Our wagons will depart on April 4 and will arrive in 3 days, then they will have test drives. ”
Regarding the allegations that the place was forgotten for the passage of the rail system on the bridge on Aksu road, Türel said, “The rail system road is not forgotten. There is no forgotten line. There was a rail system line here from the beginning. It was planned from above the overpass. There was no chance of it being passed on to the left or right. Since there was no space on the right and left of the road at the level that a train would pass, there was no other way but to pass the overpass. It was clear from the beginning that this road will pass from here. They accuse people as if only they knew without asking. Disrespect for people's labor. An injustice has been done to people who bleached their hair for this job. " found the assessment.

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