Moscow Says Farewell to Trolleybuses

If the list of elements that paralyze the traffic in the center of Moscow is made, the trolleybuses will probably find a definite place in the list ... Veteran trolleybuses, most of which are museum-aged, are not a solution for a modern city, with their cables that frequently fire while maneuvering, and their clumsiness that blocks a lane for hours when they break down. … For years, this has been said, written and drawn, but the streets are still not crossed by trolleybuses in Moscow… Finally, a step is taken in this regard:

In Moscow, the municipality is preparing to lift many trolleybus lines in the city center.
Trolleybus lines in Moscow's main street, Tverskaya, are removed. It is stated that many trolleybus lines in the central streets of the capital are planned to be removed in the following period.
Novol Arbat, Vozdvijenka, Bulvarnoye Koltso, Gogolevski, Nikitinski, Tverskoy, Strasnoy, Petrovski streets will soon remove trolleybus lines.

In the center of Moscow, it was announced that more than 30 kilometers of trolleybus lines would be removed.
Electric buses are expected to be replaced by trolleybuses.



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