Metro work in Tuzla doubled housing prices

Metro work in Tuzla doubled housing prices: Tuzla is gaining value with transportation projects. After the start of the metro works, the housing prices and the Northern Marmara Motorway Project increased the land prices significantly.
Vural reminded that a portion of Tuzla on the southeastern border of Istanbul is located on the south of the D-100 highway and the other part of it is located on the north.
Vural, operating in 2015 Tuzla Viaport Marina provides prestige to the district, said the project mobilizes the region, he said.
North of the D-100 highway, which covers a wide area of ​​military area, the areas of different forms of attention attracted attention. In this section, the industrial zone and residential areas as developed, as well as areas that are not yet open to construction, he said.
Vural, Tuzla, industry, shipyards and residential uses, built and sold as a single sale / lease in the form of high-quality office projects, underlining that by a bank in the technology and operations center implemented by the 5 thousand people will work, he added.
Northern Marmara Highway project increases land prices
Vural, adan North Marmara Motorway project in the Tuzla-Tepeören area, where the intersection of the public, known as 'villa zoning' known as 'villa zoning' today the square meter 350 - 450 pounds are sold in lira. Before the project in question, the prices ranged from 100 to 150 pounds per square meter. In the region, there are two factors that seriously affect land prices. These are the ISKI basin boundary and shareholding / not to be in the land Bunlar.
Orhanlı'nin until recently until recently known only with industry and storage areas and facilities that reminded Vural, this area in recent years, Aydınlı'nın after the housing projects has become one of the areas expressed space.
After the Aydınlı'dan Orhanlı'da construction of housing projects began to give information that Vural, said:
Dan Since these two regions are adjacent to each other, the projects in these regions are indicated by being included in a certain neighborhood regardless of the neighborhood boundaries. Accordingly, it is said that most of the projects in the region are located in Aydınlı Neighborhood. There are especially housing projects and various villa projects in the region. The general price ranges in housing projects in the region in 2013, the average square thousand thousand 250 - 2 thousand 500 pounds, while today these prices can be said to reach 3 thousand 200 - 4 thousand pounds. İçmeler unit prices in the region and its vicinity, while the subway works did not begin in 2011 thousand square meters - thousand 200 pounds, while the sale prices of housing units in the same region 2 thousand - 2 thousand 500 pounds can be seen.
”Metro lines add value“
Vural pointed out that there are some projects planned to make access to the district with public transportation easier and Kaynarca and Tuzla stations will be located on the subway line which will be integrated with a connection of 3,5 kilometers to Kadıköy-Kartal Metro Line which is active.
The project is expected to be inaugurated in 2017, Vural said. Halkalı-Gebze reminded that the Pendik-Gebze part of Marmaray Surface Metro Line was aimed to be opened in the first period of 2016.
Vural, finished the words as follows.
Belirtil The rest of the line will be completed gradually and will be fully operational in the first months of 2018. When all these projects are completed, access to many points from Tuzla will be possible with rail systems and become very fast. This situation is expected to lead to an increase in prices especially in locations close to the stations of these lines. The D-100 was designed to relieve road traffic and the Tender Project, which was awarded in February at 2015, was designed at 5 kilometers long. The line is planned to serve between the Marina-Tuzla Municipality and to the shipyard area at the intermediate stations and to complete the line to the south of the D-100 highway. Hatt

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