Kadıköy - The bomb joke in the Kartal subway is on the cameras (Video)

Kadıköy - Bomb joke in Kartal subway is in cameras:Kadıköy - Young people who "bomb joke" on the metro running on the Kartal line left the other passengers in horror.
KadıköyThe "bomb" joke on the Kartal metro line was reflected in the cameras. When the young man says "bomb" in the images, he leaves the bag to the car, and the passengers run to other wagons.
In the incident that took place yesterday at Göztepe Metro Station, young people had thrown the bag in their wagon by saying "Bomb". Passengers traveling in the subway experienced great panic and 3 young people were detained in the incident. Three young people under the age of 18, who spent the night at the Children's Branch Directorate, were transferred to the courthouse this morning. Young people were released from the prosecution.
The bomb joke at the subway station was also reflected in the security cameras. One of the 3 friends in the images lands at Göztepe station. The young who left the bag in his hand to the wagon shortly before the door of the subway closes, starts to escape by saying "bomb". Meanwhile, the passengers escape to other wagons, while the young man's friends take the bag off the ground.



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