200 Acacia Tree Lost in Bursa City Square-Terminal Tram Project

Bursa City Square-Terminal Tramway Project 200 Acacia Tree Cut Off: The 2 tree, which consists of a large majority of acacia, was cut by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality on the T200 tramway route that will carry passengers between the city square and the terminal.

Work began on the 300 kilometer tram line which will extend from the city square to the terminal and cost 9.5 million pounds. Many trees on the route were cut as much trees as 200. Metropolitan Municipality officials, planned to enter the end of the 2017 T2 tram line due to the construction of mandatory acacia trees instead of trees more mature and diversified trees will be planted. Authorities, the Forest Regional Directorate of plane trees in front of the possibility of transport to those who will be transferred to another location, he added.

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