The deadline for bidding of the Gaziray Project has been postponed again

TCDD Gaziray Project tender deadline has been postponed again
The tender for the reconstruction of the Basin-Gaziantep-Murafa Yavuz stations with the number of 2014 / 94814 GCC in the scope of the apı Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) Action Plan X of the General Directorate of State Railways of the Republic of Turkey, the tender for the construction of Infrastructure and Superstructure (Gaziray) has been The deadline for deadline submission of postponed to 11 March 2016 is also postponed to 11 April 2016. As it is known, upon the objection of Şenbay Madencilik - Gülşah Hafriyat joint venture, it was decided to take corrective action in this tender.


  1. Damn, the constitution has changed, but the law of crappy tender hasn't changed a thousand times.