80 Annual Diyarbakir Train Station was Repaired

80 Annual Diyarbakir Railway Station was repaired: Diyarbakir Railway Station 81, which has been opened for nearly 81 years, will continue its services with its new face after years. The renovation of the railway station waiting room with its inner and outer parts of the station building has come to an end.
In the 1935 Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), made by the Diyarbakir Station is preparing to serve with a new face. Approx. 8 has been completed in the ongoing renovation work for months. The building will continue to serve with the new face after the renovation work is done in the general area of ​​the station and inside the passenger station. During the renovation work, there is no disruption in the service, but with the end of the work aims to provide a healthier service.
According to information received from Station Chief Baki Ersoy, the renovation works started in July in 2015 continued throughout the month. As long as the station building was being renovated, all necessary measures were taken to prevent any disruption in service. Ersoy stated that the end of the studies, said that they will provide a better and better quality service after the completion of studies. Due to the fact that the renovation is not yet fully completed, the incumbent gar authorities do not give a figure about the cost, the investment was very nice and beautiful.
Two-storey Diyarbakır Station Building reflecting the characteristics of modern architecture, large rectangular windows on the lower floor, horizontal lines with smaller square windows on the upper floor and vertical sunscreens, symmetrical, unadorned arrangements, flat roofs, and geometric facade compositions make the building one of the first examples of modernism in the city. It attracts.
A long-term rail renovation was carried out in the past years, even opening to the west with Diyarbakır. It opened in 1935 after working 80 years as serving Diyarbakir Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Diyarbakır Station Renovation of the building began. The historical building, which was registered as a cultural asset, was repainted and repaired as part of the renovation works that started in 2015.




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