31 billion pounds budget to High Speed ​​Train

High-Speed ​​Train 31 billion pounds budget: Minister Yildirim, High Speed ​​Train (YHT) announced the amount spent. Accordingly, a total of 31 billion pounds were invested in YHT. 15 billion pounds of the expenditure was transferred to the passenger and the rest to the freight costs.
13 for high-speed trains 15 for passengers in the year, billion dollars for the cargo and other areas, 16 billion pounds, 31 billion pounds in total investment was made. 2016 year written response to questions posed to him by MPs during the budget negotiations, sending Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, information on the amount allocated to railway investment, while "2003 years from 2015 year-end High Speed ​​Train sets, including 15 billion pounds for passengers, freight and other 16 billion pounds is invested in the fields N. Minister Yildirim, about the new investments to be made, taşıma Railways in recent years, investments in high-speed train lines, both freight and passenger transport mixed management has been adopted. Bursa-Bilecik, Konya-Karaman, Eskisehir-Antalya, Samsun-Corum-Kirikkale-Kirsehir, Aksaray, Nigde railway investments are planned in this way Konya shared the knowledge.
Concrete roads under observation
Highways in clarifying whether the move was caused by concrete road Lightning, "concrete coated roads made of different traffic categories in order to address the concerns that have been successful in Turkey, was built test sections covering topography and climate differences to observe the concrete road and clarifying and making investigations in countries using this system, information transfer is intended to provide ”he said. Opium-İscehisar, Hasdal-kemerburgaz, Izmit-Yalova state road concrete way of reminding Lightning made the transition Karamursel city, "Roads were under observation, corruption, pacing have been identified. According to the examinations, concrete roads generally serve in the medium-to-good level and some types of deterioration were observed depending on the road section and the way of application. This shows that concrete roads require very high precision and fine workmanship. ”
Preparing Specification
Yıldırım continued this way. Edil In the light of the knowledge and experience gained in these studies, a solid infrastructure will be built on construction, operation, maintenance and repair. It prepared a draft on this subject 'Concrete Road Specification' suggestions and opinions for Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Turkey Cement Manufacturers' Association and was sent to the Additives Manufacturers Association. According to the suggestions and opinions made in accordance with the 'Concrete Road Specification' will be published.
Domain names will be transferred from METU to ICTA
BAKAN Yildirim, cyber attacks in recent months, Middle East Technical University (METU) shows that the security deficits are over, he said. Indicating that the names of the field names will be given to the BTK Lightning, "There are some disagreements, but we will overcome them," he said.



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