Summer skiing comes to Çambaşı Plateau with 2 thousand altitude

Summer skiing is coming to Çambaşı Plateau with a thousand altitude in 2: ORDU's ski resort works will be in service during the winter in Çambaşı Plateau with an altitude of 2 thousand.

Ordu Municipality's Mayor Yener Kaya, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality by the 2 thousand altitude Çambaşı Plateau, which will continue to serve in the winter of the construction of the ski resort continued to work, he said. Yener Kaya, who stated that they prepared a summer skiing project with the Metropolitan Municipality for skiing in the summer in the plateau, visited the factory in the city of Salzbur in Austria and said that they received information about the production from the authorities.

With the realization of the ilgili summer skiing 'project prepared with the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Kaya said that the 12 skiing of the year can be made in Çambaşı Plateau. We met with the company that made the summer skiing and received detailed information from the authorities. God willing, we will implement the 'summer skiing' project in our Çambaşı Campus. İn


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