Last Station Akköprü on April 15

Last Station Akköprü on April 15: This 'latest model' ordeal of public transportation ...
Last week came up.
While the Ministry of Transport and the Metropolitan Municipality still do not make an official statement ...
President Melih Gökçek, on his Twitter account on February 28 ...
Tı Due to the connection between Keçiören Metro and Batıkent Metro, Bıkıkent-Kızılay between April 15-June 15 tweets off “tweet.
So the summary of the work:
* The M1 (Metro 1) line will run in the form of Batıkent-Akköprü, Akköprü-Batıkent between April-15 and 15.
* Passengers going to AKM, Ulus, Sıhhiye and Kızılay will be transported from Akköprü by EGO's 'ring' buses.
'The integration of the Keçiören Metro to the Batıkent Metro.'
'Integration' in Ankara is already startled.
Well known….
The integration-signaling study started at 12 May 2014 with the goal of-end of year S in Sincan Metro.
Over the 22 months have passed.
But he still could not integrate into Batıkent.
Let's hope ...
'Final station Akkopru' announcement, as said 2 month ends.
Otherwise from Ankara ...
First to the subway connecting Batıkent and then in Akköprü.
He's right.
Okur Can Hayat Özyurt made a suggestion. He says:
”It would be good to do this in the July-August period when the population of Ankara is very low, schools are holidays, and people are on holiday.“
There are questions from readers who are curious about sharing messages and sharing in social media. Here are some of the highlights:
* Will the transfer fee be charged in the Akkopru-Kizilay ring?
* How many ring busses will be found in Akköprü when 6 wagonful (1500 people) descends from the subway?
* Where will the bus wait in Akköprü?
I boarded the metro from Xinjiang, I went down the Red Crescent.
From Sincan ...
I got on the subway.
I went down at Batıkent.
I passed it through Batıkent.
I went down in Akkopru.
I transferred it to the bus.
I went down in Kizilay.

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