Mongolia claims 1.3 billion dollars loan from China for rail

Mongolia demanded 1.3 billion dollars from China for the railway: In Mongolia, the Xantom requested credit to China's Exim bank for the planned construction of the railway from the Tavantolgoy coal mine to the Chinese border.
Information about the Mongolian railroad KIA administration going to China regarding the loan and meeting with the officials of “Eximbank oğ was shared by the“ Mongolia Railway ğ, the SOE Development Agency President İ.İdesh in an interview with “Bloomberg news M.
The Ministry of Finance of Mongolia has announced that they are ready to offer a sun government guarantee hazır for this loan.
It is expected that 2018 will be completed if the railway construction work begins this year.
As an akt Eximbank daki, it has stipulated the operation of the Chinese company in the construction of the railway which is planned to be constructed with this loan. This railway work of 240 is important in terms of increasing coal exports and reducing transportation costs.



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