Ministry of Youth and Sports

Ministry of Youth and Sports Keeps Firsts: Ministry of Youth and Sports keeps firsts! The ski center constructed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports with an investment of 4,5 million TL was put into service in Ovacık district of Tunceli. With this modern facility, which is the first ski center in the region, the 30 year long yearning of the Tuncels ended.

Youth and Sports Minister Aquifer Chagatay Sword, stated that Turkey continued with tesisleşme moves all around the speed of both the region's ski tourism in Tunceli said it would be a great contribution in terms of both sports. Cagatay Kilic, who noted that they are working to prevent the negative effects of the terrorist organization on the people of the region, said Bakan These important investments have a great meaning for our youth and citizens in the region. Our investments in the region will continue in all aspects of terrorism. Nobody can afford it. We will not allow terror to intimidate our people. Terör


The facility, which has a capacity of 1.200 meters with 2,5 meter ski lift length and 1000 meter snow thickness, has become an entertainment center where everyone can spend time with their family safely. The resort will also be able to host international competitions with its uneven track length. Both want to get an education center for amateur and professional athletes ski with ideal characteristics, being built in a way befitting the new giant tesisleşme moves to Turkey in the region were faced with intense interest of the people.


National athletes and ski instructors who stated that the facility is also ideal for training of athletes pointed out that athletes were trained in Ovacık and said, “We are very happy to build a ski facility in the district. Many competitions in the eastern provinces can be held here, it will add value to the district and will help many national athletes to catch up. ”

The ski center run by Tunceli Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate will be active until April every year. With the construction of the ski center, Ovacık district, which has an important potential in terms of winter tourism, will become one of the most important touristic places of Tunceli.