Let us own BursaRay

Let us own the BursaRayın: Dear Bursa, please take the name of our city's main transportation system BursaRayın, based on the information that comes to you or come to you, say Metro, because according to the current carrying capacity of this system, the name of the international rail systems classification is the light rail system, but whatever. Please remember, you name it, you put this name, when the construction began name and emblem competition, many suggestions came, the jury of the competition, a high school student put our daughter on the rail system, and the name of BursaRay emblem, the emblem is on all the wagons, the name also Come in all the official transactions, we, in the city, become part of our movement in this part of our assets that will be used with the right name, .BursaRayla come, meet at BursaRay station, let's go together, etc.
I have processed this issue in this corner and shared the information about the subject with you, but last week, our esteemed columnist A. Emin Yılmaz gave information about his interview with Recep Altepe, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, and underlined the new rail system lines that will carry our city's transportation system to the future by enriching Burhan had a two-rail system, and in the first place, BursaRay is the backbone of urban transportation. Initially some parts of the area from above, some parts of underground railways called for the light rail called BursaRay is now being considered within the definition of the metro. Because of the fact that the metron's description is made on a protected line, as well as being on a protected line, one of the criteria 300 has exceeded the capacity of the passenger. The calculation of the passenger size, which will grow in parallel with the increase in population, showed the capacity of the light rail system for the type of rail transportation system to be formed in Bursa. In those years we were conducting the Istanbul Drinking Water Project as DSİ and we were in intensive contact with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, they started the rail system works in Istanbul and the local / foreign companies were working with experts in the world. I had attended some technical meetings and learned the method of the classification of rail systems in the world, and later, when I was in the office during my presidency, this information was confirmed in my brain. The classification of rail systems was based on hourly passenger carrying capacities;
The tram was the lowest capacity, both wagons were small, short in length, and not only dedicated to the road, they were using the same roadbars as other means of transport, Light rail had higher carrying capacity, wagons and series length were larger and the most important difference was moving on a self-contained lane, so the hourly load capacity was rising, the hourly carrying capacity 40-50bin reached the metro, the wagon widths and the length of the looms were large, the commuter trains were the rail systems with the highest hourly passenger capacity in the city. In view of these standards, the feasibility of Bursa Rail Systems was prepared and as mentioned above, the type of system was determined as light rail system according to the size of the city which will be formed based on the population size of the future.
There is often a misperception between our people, the underground rail systems are underground, they perceive, however, the metros that form the transportation backbone of the big world cities move both underground and above ground.
During the BursaRay feasibility studies, as the end points of the lines within the boundaries of the city in the current days, on the way of Mudanya, in the direction of OSB, on the way to Izmir U. University, and on the way to Ankara, it was determined that there was not any density; He had been found. As I have emphasized above, the estimated population size within the city boundaries of that day showed that the system should be HRS.
The system was designed to provide transportation within these boundaries during the period of our Metropolitan Mayor Teoman Özalp, and it was put into practice with the construction and wagon purchasing activities initiated in my period, and with these applications carried out in the past time, the targets foreseen in the project were achieved, except for a major mistake. In the feasibility studies, it was calculated that the passenger sizes in the east of the city could only be unloaded with two lines, while the project and construction tender were made within this scope, it is not known who was followed during the construction process, these two eastern lines were combined with that acube bridge and were reduced to the only line on the Ankara road. Even with the addition of Gürsu-Kestel, it is very clear that new solutions will be required in the coming years, and with the growth of the metropolitan boundaries such as creating the T3 tram line on the route of the Eğitim Caddesi line in the original project, Mr. Recep Altepe took the system beyond the project boundaries and brought it to Emek, Gürsu and Kestel . However, we understand from A. Emin Yılmaz's conversation with the Mayor that, in line with the expanding borders of our city, our rail system is planned to expand to much wider areas, among the new targets of our municipality. On the one hand, it is aimed to bring the Emek line to Balata, the University line to Görükley, and on the other hand to bring the new residential areas to BursaR with tram lines. I see all these goals as justifications of the transportation system in a multi-faceted world city like Bursa. In the meantime, I find it necessary to remind that the T2 tram line, which started on Istanbul Street, is included in the main BursaRay project as HRS. Although the hourly transport capacity will be higher than the T1, due to its continuous movement despite the tram line, I cannot do without underlining the population density that will occur in the region as a result of the urban transformation initiated on the one hand, and the need to deliver the system to DOSAB together with the Terminal and then also that the system must be HRS.
At this stage, I would like to present a proposal to Mr.President Recep Altepe and his team, the capacity of the system to which you will connect all the mutual lines is HRS, these connections and extensions, which should also be considered to reach Mudanya, a new feasibility study should be carried out, this study may be It will show that it needs to be converted to metro, maybe not immediately, but this transformation should be planned within a time frame to be determined.

Source: Erdem Saker - www.ekohaber.com.t is

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