Citizen opposed tramway in front of apartment building

Citizen opposed the tram in front of the apartment:Karşıyaka Citizens collecting 300 signatures because they do not want the tram line to pass in front of their apartment buildings on Cemal Gürsel Street, “Fire department and ambulance will not stop if the tram passes from here. Our lives will be turned upside down ”.
Karşıyaka Citizens reacting to the tram line passing in front of the apartments on Cemal Gürsel Street applied to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Citizens who want the tram to pass through the middle median or the empty area by the sea, as in Bostanlı Caher Dudayev Street, said, “If the tram passes here, we will be victims. Elderly and disabled people will not be able to get on and off. Fire brigade, ambulance and funeral vehicles will not be able to stop. "Our life will be turned upside down." The tradesmen also opposed the practice and said, “Here, vehicles could park for a short time and shop. We will close the shutters because of the tram, ”he said.
Wedding Palace proposal
Tram works started in Mavişehir Karşıyaka He reached Cemal Gürsel Street. While the rail laying works towards Alaybey were continuing, the tradesmen and citizens reacted that the tram line would turn to the opposite road at the second traffic lights after passing the ferry pier and continue in front of the Körfez Apartment at number 316. Of the tram line, Karşıyaka Apartment residents who wanted the Wedding Palace to cross the road collected nearly 300 signatures. In the petition sent to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the citizens said, “Those living in these apartments will have to leave their homes and move elsewhere. This will reduce the value of property and businesses. "We want the tram line to be arranged so that it passes through the median in the middle of the road or the empty space at the seaside, as in many countries, without disturbing the existing order."
"There is no example in the world"
Şerafettin Ekmekçioğlu: We are not against the tram. However, after the ferry iscasesindoen, the second light between the palace and the green area or the middle median cross the median. We will be victims if we pass by the apartments and workplaces. ?
Esin Oktar: The metropolitan should have consulted with the citizen's opinion during the project. Tramway passing through my house as well as both shaking and noise. In case of emergency, vehicles such as ambulance and fire brigade will not stand in front of the apartments. The shops will remain empty, the value of houses will fall. ?
Ersin Asena: There is no tramway in front of the house anywhere in the world. Let it go through the middle median or through the empty spaces at the edge of the sea.

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