Record vehicle entrance to Uludağ

Record vehicle entry to Uludag: The center of winter tourism to Uludag 31 January 2016 Sunday recorded a vehicle entry. 6 100 70 XNUMX a total of one thousand pounds of cars in the entrance of Uludag National Park in Karabelen in one day.

Forest 2. According to the information received from the Regional Directorate officials, at noon 4 separate box office officer received a fee by cutting the receipt, 3 kilometers below the Green Field until the queue occurred. Regional Directorate officials, Uludag Forest National Park in the history of encountering a record vehicle entry, stating that for the first time in a day 6 thousand vehicles over the box office, he said.

In recent years, the Ministry of Forests and Highways investments in Uludag that they can get to the authorities stating that officials, Ulu Currently in two different points in Uludag, the parked parking facilities of the 900 vehicles are scheduled to be put into service until the next winter season. In addition, the road can be renewed and expanded in the summer months and the mobility of vehicles has increased in the hotels region. Although the car is parked on both sides of the road, even on snow-covered roads, vehicle traffic continues. In such a period of intense interest, it is a success to move the traffic with the efforts of the gendarmerie teams. We think we will break the record in the number of vehicles in summer. Because Uludag summer winter citizens are in great demand. There is great interest among Arab tourists and local tourists. Although the ropeway is renewed, there is also a queue. Uludag sees what he deserves. Ulu

In the meantime, it is difficult to find a place in the half-year break in the facilities with approximately 6 thousand-bed capacity in Uludag. As the top hotels are full, some of the skiers are staying at hotels in Bursa.

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