Prohibitions also impacts the Moscow Railway Line Applied to Turkey

moskovada suburban trains go to summer schedule
moskovada suburban trains go to summer schedule

Prohibitions applied to Turkey, Moscow also affected train lines: prohibit and tourists to cancel their tour of the Egyptian campaign against Russia, Turkey was also affected airports, railway lines carrying passengers in Moscow. Operating the train line to the airport from the city center in Moscow Aeroexpress, Turkey and Egypt because of the ban compared to the previous year, down from 2015 percent in 22 announced that the number of passengers.

In a statement made by Aeroexpress, it was stated that passenger traffic on high-speed trains in Moscow fell 2015 percent in 22. Accordingly, 2015 million fewer passengers were carried in 3 compared to the previous year. Aeroexpress carried 2014 million passengers in 16.6, and 13 million passengers in the previous year.

The company said in a written statement, “Economic difficulties have also affected the tourism industry, which has affected Aeroexpress activities. The increase in the number of transit passengers in Moscow to relieve urban traffic among the factors that reduce the number of passengers, Turkey's suspension and cancellation of flights to Egypt flights. " It was said.

According to the statement, passenger traffic to Domodedovo, the largest airport in Moscow, fell from 7.6 million to 5.8 million. Passenger traffic to Sheremetyevo fell 31 percent from 6.4 million to 4.4 million passengers.

However, interestingly, there was an increase in the number of passengers going to Vnukovo Airport. The number of train passengers, which was 2.6 million, rose to 2.8 million. The Aeroexpress company reported that this increase is related to the increase in the number of flights by the airport itself. It was also noted that cheap companies such as Victory flying from Vnukovo were effective.



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